Moments #1 The Imans

I thought I’d post a few brief blogs of some moments that have stuck with me over the last few months.

Once a month Father Ibrahim, the Anglican priest at St Philips, a Church in the Old City of Nablus, hosts a lecture / meal of 15 to 40 religious leaders from his community.  This week the number was closer to 15.

This is a group of local Imam’s, listening intently, taking notes, on a lecture about “The contribution to Palestinian Education that has been made by Christians”.  The lecture was delivered by a Muslim teacher from Nablus.  The lecture lasted about an hour, followed by a meal and then a half hour of Q & A.

As near as I could tell in translation almost all of the contributions made by Christians, according to this lecturer, had been positive.  He especially liked Edward Said, and encouraged a conversation about the introduction of Philosophy at Palestinian Universities.  Philosophy had been introduced by Christians and for a while, because philosophy raises questions about the existence of God, it had been challenged by the Muslim community.  Today it was simply part of the conversation.

Muslim Imans, welcoming foriegners like me, inviting me to share a meal with them, listening intently and taking notes on a lecture about the contributions to Palestinian education by Christians and after the lecture engaging the Christians in conversation, challenged the stereotypes I carried within me as a person form the west.

I’m thankful for this moment, with the Imams.

2 thoughts on “Moments #1 The Imans

  1. I am thankful for your moment with the Imams too! Hope you’re feeling better; we heard word last night at prebytery that you were feeling unwell. Our prayers are with you.

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